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Are you looking for a solo trip? You are not alone, with a lot of travellers now preferring taking things on their own for maximum experience and without interruptions, safari gives you an opportunity to embark on a solo trip and reap the benefits like:

Taking things at your own pace, focus on your interests and what experiences matters to you most while avoiding ruining your Africa trip through the incompatibility problem with strangers.

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March 19, 2022

Vi hade en fantastisk upplevelse på Kilimanjaro tillsammans med vår guide Eli som var både trevlig, professionell, kunnig och vi kände oss väldigt trygga och väl omhändertagna med honom som vår guide. Utöver hans långa erfarenhet som bergsguide har han även en universitetsutbildning i wildlife biology och han delade generöst med sig av sin kunskap om djur och natur, växter, bergarter mm som vi såg på vägen. Turen var mycket välplanerad och vandringen gjordes i en takt som anpassades utifrån vår förmåga och dagsform.

En helt oförglömlig upplevelse där vi fick njuta av Kilimanjaros fantastiska natur, vackra vyer och oändliga vidder. Eli förgyllde upplevelsen för oss och vi kan varmt rekommendera honom som guide. Stort tack!

March 19, 2022

Hi Mosha. I want to let you know how fondly I think of you since coming back to the “states”. You were so supportive and helpful during the trek up Kili. You have the kindest demeanor! It is hard to imagine getting to the top without your support and positive attitude. With your knowledge and attention to detail, I know you will continue to succeed in all your endeavors. With best wishes, Lisa Phillips

June 7, 2022

How do I even begin to describe how amazing Mosha and his team were??? First things first, I would not have made it without them. I had never hiked a mountain before or even really considered it. I went in blind and came out ON TOP and with a magical group of  mountain men that I will never forget. Mosha and his team helped me in every way every single day: water, food, health check-ins, oxygen levels, breathing/walking tactics. From the moment I woke up to the moment we went to sleep the crew was so attentive. Mosha specifically has vast knowledge of the mountain and plant life and was always eager to share and to answer my questions. The late night/early morning start to summit, we began in the cold darkness (11pm).. single file.. step by step following each others head lamps. This 9 hour experience was one of the most challenging, most absurd things I have ever done. While it was the most beautiful view I will likely ever see: The rising sun behind me over Africa as we all shuffled up the mountain… the lack of Oxygen at this altitude was a mental/physical challenge I have a hard time even describing. Every time I considered what I was actually doing I would just simply weep to myself… and there were plenty of moments that I considered trying to hide along our route to just go to sleep… forever haha. Through reaching those lows came the most beautifully transformative moment: Mosha and his team walking beside us (next to the path on much more challenging terrain), having taken all of our day packs onto their own backs (Mosha himself carrying 3 day packs at once in order to make it easier on us)… THEY BEGAN TO SING! A silent, cold, early morning hike to the roof of Africa led by the song of Kilimanjaro Mountain Men! … Absolutely incredible!

I will absolutely be back and I will never climb Kilimanjaro without Mosha by my side! Highly recommend.

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